Fabulous 20's and Fireworks

by Rose Marie
(Cumming, GA)

For a fun festive New Years have everyone dress up from the 20’s. The dames can wear flapper dresses while the gentlemen can dress like gangsters.

Let’s make this as authentic as we can! On your invitations invite your guests to the speakeasy and insist that they use a password in order to enter. Have big band music playing and card tables set up for gambling.

For decorations, drape your walls with red drapes. If you need to go on the cheap then use red or a rich burgundy color table cloths, gold napkins. (Remember that tacky is a good thing!) Whoever opens the door should be dressed as a coat check girl or cigarette girl.

Remember this is during prohibition. Find unique ways to disguise your alcohol, such as having it placed in old time crates and stored behind the bar.

A great party favor would be fake cigars for the men and boas for the ladies. If you include children in the party you could have coloring books and crayons for them or a scavenger hunt (my suggestion is for this to be an adult only party).

For the best part, when it is time for the party to end and you want everyone to leave, have some of the men enter the room and raid the party. Make some fake arrests and turn the lights on to signal that it is the end of the night.

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