Electric Shock!

You need 7 or more players for this game called Electric Shock!

Make two lines sitting on the floor holding each others hands with one person at the front of the two lines. There is an item at the other end of the lines.

First one person picks a side of a penny (heads or tails). After you have picked, the one person in front of the lines flips the penny. Only the first people in the line can look at the penny. The people in the line that are not the first person in the line cannot look at the penny. If the penny falls on the side everyone picked you have to squeeze the persons hand next to you and then that person has to squeeze the persons hand next to them. The last person in the line when they feel their hand squeezed must pick up the item at the end of the line before the other line gets it! If the side of the penny is not the one everyone chose and someone still squeezes their hand on accident and the last person picks up the item then the other line gets a point. Rotate who flips the penny. Very fun!!!!

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