Egyptian Party Games

by Nidhi

My little sisters birthday is on 28th August and we have a few awesome games for your Egyptian party! I hope these games will rock out at the party.

The first game was an Egyptian scavenger hunt. In the game just make or buy a few egyptian items, roughly 10 or 15. Then take a big sheet of coloured card and list all the items with sketch pens and glitter pens. You can probably have the item's picture on it too. Make it decorative so the children don't get bored of the black and white scene while playing. Try making it colourful. Then hide the items you made or bought around the house or hall. Give the children some paper bags or bowls and decorate them with some pictures and let the kids take the bags or bowls home. The kids should find the valuables around the house and collect them in the bags or bowls. The one with the most items wins the games. You could have 1-4 winners but I prefer only 1 so its fair. The winner got some special cubix toys which all ages would enjoy.

The second game was a Trip to Egypt Remembrance game. First make a list of Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphs. You can make how many ever as you want. Then write them down on a card and show the kids the list. Let the kids look and observe the list for a minute or perhpas two. Then remove the list and then give the kids some writing paper or computer paper. Let them list down the symbols and hieroglyphs. The drawings could be simple just for easy recognition. Whoever remembers the most wins.

The last game was Portal to Egypt. Just make chits of card or computer papar and write different countries names on them. You should have the same number of chits as many as the people are. One of the chits should have Egypt on it. whoever picks the chit with Egypt written on it wins.

All the games were enjoyed by the kids and the big kids too. The prizes were good too and all children loved them. I hope this helps you.

Lisa says:

Thanks for the ideas! If this is a party for younger children, I suggest doing the scavenger hunt game in teams. That way the children who might move a little slower won't be left out!

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