Try this fun party game - Dudette!

You select different categories (such as fruits and vegetables/towns and cities/films and books) and you write down the different categories that you have chosen - choose about 10-15 different categories - and give everyone a piece of paper with the different categories on it; as a group, choose any letter from the alphabet and then you have to write down a word from that category that begins with your chosen letter. For example, if you choose the letter 'A' and one of your categories is 'Fruits and Vegetables', you will write down apple, or any other fruit or vegetabe that begins with 'A' (only write down one word for each category).

You will have 5 minutes to write down as many answers as you can for all the categories, always keeping the same letter (the amount of time is just an estimate that you can have for 10 categories, you can alter the time if necessary for the amount of categories you have).

After the time is up, you go through every category as a group to see what everyone else has thought of.

If your answer is the same as anyone else's then you earn 5 points; however, if you answer is unique (but still correct) then you earn 10 points.

If you have a wrong answer then you don't earn any points - other players decide whether or not your answer is correct or not.

Carry out the same procedure for each question and then add up your points at the end; the person with the most points wins...have fun!

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