Delicious Soy Candle and Massage...

by Julie
(Lake Isabella, CA)

My new kick is Soy Candles. You can make one at home, it SO simple you won't believe it! Find a romantic container and follow the simple soy candle steps (you can find soy and everything you need at Michaels). Be SURE that it's 100% natural Soy, and pick a romantic scent that's also 100% natural.

Even go so far as to make a few candles...set up your room romantically for your sweetie, and start by giving him/her a back massage. Soy is great for skin and has a real low melt point (so it doesn't get very hot), and it's great for body massage oil. After you've let a candle melt for a while, blow it out and pour a little on. Massage in and enjoy!

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