Cruise Ship Party

My daughter loves the "Suite Life on Deck" show and wanted to have a party that was themed like a cruise ship.

I found decorations at the party store like fishing nets, fish, life preservers, to make the decorations.

The favorite game that the kids played I want to tell you about. We made our own shuffleboard set.

It is easy to do, you only need some sidewalk chalk, 2 brooms and 2 CD's.

To draw out the shuffleboard court, just draw two big triangles with the top points facing each other. Divide the triangles in half so that the top half of each one has a 10 in it (10 points) and the bottom half of each one has a 5 in it (5 points). Past the bottom of each triangle, make a line to stand behind, and the area between the triangle and line is worth -5 (negative five points).

Players should divide into teams and stand behind the lines. Each has a CD and takes turns using the broom to push their cd disc toward the opposite triangle. Teams try to score points and in the meantime push the other team off the court by hitting it with their CD.

My friend who told me about this game plays it in her house for rainy day fun with her kids. She uses tape (instead of making chalk lines) and a mop (instead of the broom) in the house.

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