Country Club Party

by Madison
(Houston, Texas)

I wanted to have one of those big and fancy 16th birthday parties at a county club or hotel, but my mom was really worried about how much money it was going to cost. We found a way to have a country club party and it didn't cost much after all!! I was able to have my dream party!!

This is how we did it. We knew someone who lived in a neighborhood that has a community center. You have to rent it but it doesn't cost much. You just have to clean it up when you are done. Having it there saved a lot of money.

We tried to shop for as many things as we could at the dollar store. We didn't have a theme, we just went with colors of pink and white. We also added in some silver confetti to give it a little sparkle. One of the reason we picked pink and white decorations is because they were at the dollar store in those colors, especially white stuff that they had for weddings that we could use for the party. So we could get them pretty cheap. But also pink is my favorite!!

Things we purchased at the dollar store were plates, napkins, cups, fork/knifes/spoons, big platters to put food on, table covers, balloons, balloon weights, streamers, candles and confetti.

Decorations were the balloons and streamers. We got a tank of helium at the party store and blew up about 30 balloons. The rest we just blew up ourselves and tossed all around the room on the floor. Centerpieces on the tables were white candles with silver confetti sprinkled around it.

For favors I used little boxes from the wedding part of the dollar store and filled them with little pink and white candies.

For food we had a birthday cake of course!! We got a huge one at Sam's and it was really good!! We also had snacks of chips, pretzels, etc. My mom's friend worked as bartender creating some pinkish drinks with I think cranberry juice and soda, they also had a pink punch that was made out of icecream and Sprite. Everyone knew to eat first, we had said on the invite that only snacks would be served!!

My uncle took videos and photos. Our only really big expense was the DJ. He was great!! We danced all night and it was the best birthday ever!!

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