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Father Time...Welcome Baby New Year...what are your plans? Resolutions, of course!

Here is a list of the most common resolutions each year:

  • Eat healthier
  • Excercise More
  • Lose Weight
  • Get out of Debt/Save Money
  • Quit Smoking
  • Quit Drinking
  • Learn Something New
  • Get Organized
  • Make time for family and friends
  • Help others
  • What are your new year resolutions? And what will you do to keep them?

    History of New Year Resolution and New Years History

    The celebration of the New Year is an ancient custom and was observed as far back as ancient Babylon, 4000 years ago. They celebrated around March 23, and the Romans continued this tradition, but the Roman calendar often changed, according to the Emperor.

    Julius Caesar to the rescue! He developed a calendar to more accurately reflect the seasons. January 1 became the beginning of the New Year in 46 B.C.

    Later, Christians changed New Year's Day to December 25 in the middle ages. This change coincided with the birth of Jesus. It was again changed back to March 25, to the Day of Annunciation, but in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII revised the Julian calendar and New Years Day once again was known as January 1.

    Not everyone celebrates New Years Eve on December 31st. For example, the Chinese use a lunar calendar, so their Chinese new year celebration begins somewhere between late January and early February.

    The start of a new year is a good time to start everything anew.

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