Christmas Office Party

(Washington, IL )

The best Christmas Office parties are the ones that are loosely organized that allow the employees to mingle and chat with one another in a relaxing environment. Allow for lots of moving around.

One of the most enjoyable Christmas parties I ever attended was at a steak house. At this particular steak house you cooked your own steak. It was very enjoyable to be gathered with the co-workers, have a cold beer in hand while standing over a grill cooking a steak. There was no formal planned games, contests etc. It was economical for the company because they paid half the tab. This was a nice gift as it allowed most of us to enjoy a dinner at a nice steak house while only costing us $15 to $20 per person.

There certainly are a couple of things you should avoid for your company Christmas party. One, DO NOT hold the party at the work place, everyone likes to escape from the ‘office’. You could hold the party at a home of one of the owners, or perhaps exchange work space offerings. This works well if you have two companies that do business together on a regular basis, you simply allow each other the use of your building for the party. Two DO NOT offer free alcohol, this never turns out well, is followed by stories long after the party and someone is usually singled out.

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