Cheeto Head

by Madeline
(That Place...)

What you'll need to play Cheeto Head:

* Plastic shower caps or rain ponchos with hoods
* Shaving cream
* Cheetos
* Pairs of teens

How to play:
One of the pair puts on the protective garb and gets shaving cream piled on their head. The second of the pair steps back 4 feet and throws Cheetos at the shaving cream for 2 minutes. The pair that has the most Cheetos on the shaving creamed head wins.

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good game
by: Anonymous

I love this game but sometimes the Cheetos are to heavy so I used Cheerios

Cheeto throwing game
by: kaila

We play this game as a race.

You need:
2 shower caps
shaving cream
two bags of Cheetos

Get two people, the birthday girl and another person to put on the shower caps. Then cover the shower caps with a layer of shaving cream. Make 2 groups. Each group has to cover the whole shower cap with Cheetos. One person goes up and throws a handful at a time. The first team who gets rid of all of there cheetos first wins.

by: brianna

this sounds so fun i wanna play this game so much it sounds so fun!

by: Ella

Im trying this game at my party!! sounds awesome!

by: Allyson

played this game before and it is so much fun. However i do recommend that you play outside. and for easy clean up.....have them stand on like a trash bag or something to catch the fallen stuff! really fun though! :)

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