by Nikki

This celebrity game works best with large groups, but it can be done as long as you have more than four people.

Have everyone write down three well-known celebrities on a piece of paper. Make sure that each celebrity has its own slip of paper. (If you want a longer game, have everyone write down four or five celebrities, or it can be shorter with only one or two.) Fold the pieces of paper and put them in a bowl.

Next, divide into two even teams. The teams take turn playing a sort of charades, and the people on their own team guess which celebrity they drew out of the bowl. Someone from the opposing team sets a timer for one minutes. One person from the first team stands up and draws a celebrity from the bowl. They have one minute to get their teammates to guess as many celebrities as they can. You can't skip a celebrity. Count up the number of celebrities that your team successfully guessed at the end of one minute and write it down.

For the first round, you can describe your celebrities in as many words as you want. The first round is over once you get through the entire bowl of celebrities, alternating teams in one minute segments.

(If you finish the bowl in the middle of a time segment, pause the timer, and continue in the next round.)Refill the bowl with the same celebrities for the next round.

For the second round, you can describe your celebrities in only two words.

For the third round, you have to act it out.

The winning team is the one with most celebrities guessed. Have fun!!!

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