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by teamdimitri

Looking for cake ideas or a great recipe that will be remembered? This is one that I came up with a while ago for a murder mystery party (on a themed table). (The first half of the recipe comes from Divine Dinner Party.)

Buy a clean, transparent NEVER BEFORE BEEN USED ash tray.

Finely crush oreos until they are powder-like, and mix in a seperate bowl with icing sugar. When this looks relatively like cigarette ash, place in the ash tray, and finish with a few candy cigarettes (i think they're called fads now..?) that have had their ends dipped in red food dye.

Next is the cake. I made a sponge cake, but really any cake will do, i just find sponge cakes easier to shape. Bake an oval shaped cakes (size depending on your preference)and place it on a silver platter. Break off of a cheap frame (bought at your local dollar shop is fine) and stab in to the back of the oval. (It should now roughly be the shape of a mirror.) If nowhere near you sells silver icing or food dye, you can usually make your own by experimenting. Paint the whole front of the mirror with this icing, and then create the 'frame' by cutting up chocolate (brown) into small squares and placing it around the edge like a modern frame. (Gold icing or silver decorative sprinkles work also.)On the mirror I placed a gummy pair of red lips, and wrote in rasperry syrup "Ava did it." (Or whoever your culprit is.)Then you can decorate the rest of the table with things like a stiletto, a feather boa etc..

I hid this one well, as part of the murder mystery was a scavenger hunt, and this was the very end of it. At then end, the winner got a prize and got to cut the cake before anyone else got a slice.

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