Bunco Wipeout and Scramble

by Maria
(Corpus Christi, TX)

We play a way we call "bunco wipeout". With this only rounds 2 - 6 are played (the "ones" round is skipped.) Then, if someone rolls three "ones" it is called a wipeout. The team that has rolled the wipeout loses all their points for the round and must start over on their next turn.

You can have a token (we use a stuffed plush dice)for whoever has thrown the last wipeout to hold. If they are holding it at the end of the night they get a prize.

We also do something we call "scramble". Whenever anyone rolls a bunco, everyone scrambles to grab the dice. Each person who gets one gets an extra point to their team's score. Then we continue playing as usual. It keeps it really exciting!

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