Bunco Ghost Question

by Kathy
(Kent, Wa.)

I have a question on using a ghost in bunko. I plan to use a teddy bear as the ghost. Do you rotate it the way players rotate from table to table at the end of a round. It would have a different partner for each round. Or does it stay with the player it started with?

Lisa says:

A Teddy Bear is my "ghost of choice" too!

Yes, the teddy bear will rotate from table to table, just like a player. It will have a different with each round.

Hope that clears it up. If you have any more questions, just let me know! Enjoy your game!

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ghost alternative
by: Anonymous

Instead of playing the empty seat as a ghost, (which can get very bothersome for an entire game), we have players at table 3 all play as individuals instead of as teams. They each keep track of their score and the 2 highest move up to table 2 and the lowest score stays.

Lisa says:

I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

Ghost Bunco
by: Robin

Is it correct that when the ghost buncos, then the player who rolled the dice gets the bunco?

Lisa says:
It depends on what your group would like to do. One way is for the ghost to actually bunco - meaning they get to wear the boa or crown or whatever traveling prize you have. Then if they are the last to bunco at the end of the night, you could give to the prize to the person who had it before the ghost. This is how most of the groups I have played with have done it.

You could also give it to the ghost's partner as you suggest. If you are playing with a ghost, it would be good to decide this and have everyone agree before the game starts. Happy rolling!

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