Bunco Bombers Madera Reserve

by Gayle
(Green Valley, AZ USA)

Our group has been playing for nine years on the first Wednesday of the month. The hostess provides liquids, dessert and munchies at the tables. We play three rounds, break for dessert and then play one more.

We donate $5 to the pot for a total of $60. We use to divide this at the end for most loses, wins, Buncos and who was holding the pink dice. About a year ago we decided to donate the money to a service in the community.

Each month the hostess decides who she wants to donate to (example: food bank, animal league etc). The only rule was the money was to stay within our community.

We also have made a change for the summer months since people go on vacation. June, July and August are our potluck months. We each bring a dish and $5 for the pot. The hostess provides liquids and dessert. We just sit around eat, drink and are merry.

P.S. It is also up to the hostess if she wants to use three dice or four. Sometimes one table will have four and the others three.

We also have a list of about five alternates to draw from during our regular season if one of the regulars cannot attend.

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