Bloody Mary

by Molly
(Dublin, Ohio, USA)

This Bloody Mary game is great for large groups.

First pick a tour guide. The tour guide is usually the party host. The tour guide picks two other people to be the "Bloody Mary". The tour guide shows the Bloody Marys' where to hide. The tour guide comes back and explains to the rest of the guests that they are going on a tour and tells them were the safe spot is. The tour guide leads the guests around the house. The tour guide will show you a site and say something Bloody Mary did there. An example is "this is where Bloody Mary cries." The guide will then lead you to the spot where the Bloody Marys are hiding. The tour guide will say "This is Bloody Mary." The Bloody Marys will jump out and scare everyone. The guest will run the safe spot. The Bloody Marys will chase the guests and try to tag them. If they get tagged they will be the next Bloody Marys.

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