Blind man's bluff

by Caroline
(Rochester, NY)

For this game,you'll need at least five people,a large open space, and a blindfold. It's a perfect game for kids aged 6-9. To play, choose one player to be the chaser. Blindfold this person and spin him or her around three times(they shouldn't be able to see anything). Then that kid has to try and look for another player. When they touch someone, they have to guess who it was that was found. If they are correct, that kid is now the chaser and the game continues. If they are incorrect, then the chaser has to stay blindfolded for another round and has to until they guess correctly. The game can go on until everyone has been the chaser. P.S. If you play this indoors, play it in a large room without anything to trip over. You may also want someone to make sure a blindfolded player doesn't go out of the area.

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Jul 30, 2016
Other things to consider
by: Anonymous

Keep in mind that some children may not like being blindfolded. If this is the case,you can let them play with their eyes closed instead. If a player has on glasses, then that kid should have them removed when he or she gets blindfolded.

Jul 23, 2016
by: Lisa

This game is a classic and has been enjoyed for literally hundreds of years! Thank you for explaining it so well! Perfect for any party!

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