Bag Game

by Natalie
(Riverton, NJ, USA)

This is a game my cousin and I made up.
We had a lot of fun making it and she tested it at her party and her friends loved it!!

You'll need internet access and a printer. You'll also need 5 brown paper bags (doesn't matter what size).

First, label the bags House, Girls, Boys, Job, Babies. Now go on the internet and get pictures of these things. Make sure there are good pictures (of popular people) and bad pictures (pictures of ugly people). Now print and cut out the pictures and divide them into the correct bags.

Now, have your friends (depending on the gender) pick out of the girls bag first (if they are girls). They can show everyone who they got or wait until the end of they game to describe their lives. Now, let everyone choose their husband out of the Boys bag. Then they choose their house, and then their baby.

Usually its more fun if you keep your life till the end which means: Once everyone had picked out of every bag everyone goes around the circle and describes their life. For Example "I am Victoria Justice and I am married to Taylor Lautner. We live in a mansion and this is our baby." The baby pictures should be a mix of cute and ugly. A bad life would be "I am Britney Spears and I am married to Michael Jackson. We live in a box and this is our (ugly) baby." The best is when there is a mix of good and bad things.

This is a great way to get your party started! You can also add more bags for more fun. You could add labels like Salary, Pet, Friends, and more!

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FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like M.A.S.H.
by: CoCo

this sounds like a fun game.... it is kinda like mash so it will be fun to do it like this! :)

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