Baby Shower Diaper Change

by Thalia

What you will need to play baby shower diaper change: two fake plastic babies, diapers, a clip, two hats, slips of paper, and clothes that can fit the plastic babies.

Step one: Divide the guest into teams.

Step two: Get the slips of paper and write down a certain part of clothes. Like diaper, shoes, pants, jacket, shirt, etc. Place the slips in the hats. (Let each team have in the hat the same thing you have written and put in the other hat, for example you put the word shoes in one hat, put the word shoes in the other hat.)

Step three: Each person picks one paper and is selected to put the piece of clothing on the baby. Like if you got shirt you have to put the shirt on the plastic baby.

Step four: There is a line and one person run to the baby to put the piece of clothes on the baby then runs back to the line and the next person goes. The team that has the baby dressed first wins!

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