Awesome Breakfast Ideas for a Slumber Party!

# frozen fruit kebabs! chop up some Strawberries, Mango, raspberries, orange, watermelon, lychees and grapes.

# Choc-dipped strawberries!

# some really delicious and creamy good-quality berry yogurt! you might not believe it, but friends my age (12) really love this.

# toasted croissants with ham, cheese and tomato! buy a bulk pack which is not too expensive and cook in a sandwich press or on the grill.

# Home-made breakfast juice! squeeze some orange and other fruits to make the perfect energy booster for kids.

# Home-made Donuts! (check it out on google)

# BBC's! instead of being a toasted sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato, an BBC has bacon, barbecue sauce and cheese. It is so delicious if you make it with a beautiful pastry like bread.

# Jam donuts!

# french or danish pastries! pick them up from a local bakery when they're nice and hot (early morning is best).

# chai latte! buy the sachets, which have a tye of formula powder which you put into a mug before adding boiling water.

# Hot chocolate or Milo with marshmallows!

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