Autobus Complete

by Nourhane

You can play Autobus Complete with 2 people or more.

Everyone gets a paper and pen and writes at the top of the paper a column for a letter, boy, girl, inanimate, animal, dish, country, famous and result.

The first person who starts picks a letter and says it to the other players and everyone tries to write names for the above things starting with that letter. The first one who finishes them all says "autobus complete" and everyone leaves the pens.

Then they all together say everthing they wrote in each column. If two or more people write the same name, take 5 marks for it. If they don't, take 10 marks. Add them together and write the number in the result coloumn and so on until they get bored.

So everyone adds his results for each letter together and the one who gets the high number he is the winner.

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i like the game
by: Anonymous

I am playing the game in another way I am writing letter, boy, girl, animal, plant, country, solid and result so is this right

Lisa says: Yes, do any categories you like! It is always a great idea to customize it for what works for you and your friends.

I wanna join to play
by: Anonymous

I wanna play

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