Allocating Bunco Prizes

by Barb
(Marana, AZ)

I have a question. We have 5 cash prize payouts. Tonight I began with the lowest cash prize. There were arguments because the person that won the lowest would have been eligible for the highest $ amount but could not get it since only one prize per person. Would it be best to award the highest $ amount prize (Most BUNCOS) first? My idea was to start out with the lower prize and build up the "excitement" to the higher $.

Thanks for your advice.

What a great question. I'm sure others have run into this before as well!

In our group, a person can win more than one prize. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair, because one person might win in multiple categories, however, the next several months that person may not win anything. So, we all figure it works out in the end.

I see your point about awarding the lowest prize first (we do that too - for the same reason - to build excitement!)

But if you only award one prize per person, to avoid this situation in the future, I suggest that you do start with the biggest prize first. Then that person is ineligible for anything else.

If you have a cash pot for your prizes, and the fee to pay is nominal (such as $5), then make sure you pay the same amount for each prize for every month.

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We start at the top
by: Anonymous

We start with the highest prize first, that way if there is a tie, the loser can still qualify for prizes below highest.

Lisa says:
Nice idea! I like that!

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