50th Birthday Party Games

by Karen
(Biglerville, Pa.)

I had a 50th Birthday party for my husband. I was stressed, as I've never really planned anything for like 40 guests! I wanted to keep everyone entertained. We had teens, up to people in their 70's, so I wanted the games to be fun for all of these age groups.

I wanted to do a trivia game about my husband, so I interviewed him, but realized that obviously close family would have a big advantage over say some of his racing buddies, so I decided every other question would be trivia on the year he was born, such as who was the president...gas prices...etc. Everyone seemed to enjoy this one. I had a prize table set up and the winner could just go pick whatever they wanted. Most were dollar store items. I tried to get a variety for men & women. I also picked up two watermelons for prizes.

I did the layer game where I wrapped the prize...about 11 times! This was A LOT of wrapping, but was well worth it! The guests really loved it. Especially the women. Each layer had instructions on where to pass to next. The instructions rhymed. I found a poem for it online, but I wanted to write my own and it was so much fun. I did one for the women and one for the men.

I bought raffle tickets at the Dollar store and raffled prizes throughout the party.

The only theme I really had was black & white. The party was at a park in a pavilion. I wanted lots of black & white balloons, but since a huge part of my budget went for the food, I didn't want the expense of filling them with helium, so I decided to blow them up & hang them upside down with fishing line from the rafters. Since it had been a little breezy, I found a tip about placing a coin in each balloon for a little weight. I thought a penny was a little light for outside, so I placed a quarter in each one. I save change so I had enough for all the balloons. They were a little tough getting into the balloons at first, but I blew each balloon up a little and let out the air and stretched the neck a few times, this helped.( I did this the night before the party and blew them up at the park.) While I was putting the quarters in, I thought I could make this a game! I went through my husbands coins he brought back from Germany and found a gold colored coin with a 50 on it. It was the same size as a quarter, just slightly heavier. Perfect! I put that coin in one of the balloons.

I had 3 helpers hanging the balloons. They did not know about the game I had planned, just that the coins were for weight. We cut the fishing line at random lengths. It looked like they were just floating. We spread out 3 balloons on each rafter. We did black, white, black on the first, then white ,black, white...following that pattern.

After the cake and gifts, I announced that I needed some help popping all these balloons. I gave everyone a ticket and explained that when their ticket is drawn, they can pick any balloon to pop and that I was looking for a coin with a 50 on it. I was hoping this would go on for awhile ( there were 39 balloons ) My sister popped the winning balloon on the 3rd ticket!

The party went well and I think these games were great for all the age groups.

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Layer Game
by: Anonymous

Would you be able to elaborate on the layer game mentioned in your post?


Lisa says:
I think the "layer game" she is talking about is a really fun game that can add a lot of excitement and competition! It can be done a couple of ways. One is to wrap a prize, and then wrap it in a bigger box, and then wrap it in a bigger box, so each person unwraps a layer and has instructions on who to pass it to next (to the right, to the left, to the oldest person, etc.)

I've also played where the prize is wrapped in the same layer method (box, after box, after box...) and is passed while music plays, and if you are holding the gift when the music stops, you get to start unwrapping. Unwrap as quickly as you can, trying to get to the bottom layer, because when the music starts again you'll have to continue passing the gift.

Thank you!
by: Lisa

This party sounds fantastic! There are so many great ideas here. I love all the games and the tips, such as putting the coins in the balloons. You should be very proud of yourself - you can tell what great thought and care you put into making it a great party! Thank you so much for sharing!

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