Tasting Party Ideas

Right now, very popular adult party ideas include tasting parties.

Just like the name suggests, at a "tasting", you "taste" different things from a food or beverage category.

Probably the most popular example is to do a wine tasting. This is probably the most well know type of tasting. The possibilities of a wine tasting are endless as well. You can taste by category, region, price point, etc. or you can do blind tastings or just taste everyone's favorites. Just about any idea will do!

And even though wine tastings are popular and fun, it can also be fun to go beyond wine tasting games and try tasting other beverages or foods.  

A fun idea for food would be to do a tasting of foods from a specific country or region of the world. Create an "Around the World" party theme and cater your choices to the regions that you are highlighting.

Think about something you would enjoy tasting and sampling...

What about a chocolate tasting? If you have one of those, be sure to invite me!

I think tasting parties are popular because...

  • They can be inexpensive – if you are strapped for cash, you can instruct your guests to bring their favorite wine (beer, desserts, etc. – whatever you are tasting that night)
  • These parties work equally well for large or small groups of friends
  • They give people something to do – everyone has something to talk about and the night is full of fun, because the tasting is the activity.

Here are links to some ideas for holding a tasting of your own! Check them out, and decide what your next favorite tasting opportunity to share with your friends at a party will be!

Tell us about your tasting party!

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