Fashion Doll Party

For my daughter's 5th birthday, she wanted to have a Polly Pocket party.

There is only one problem...

She always picks themes that no one seems to have done before...

But I love because it really gets my creative juices flowing!

This party could be used, not only for a Polly Pocket Party, but for a Barbie Party, Bratz Party, or for any fashion doll (or fashion for the sake of fashion, of course! :-))

This is what we did...

Kid Party Decorations

  • In the front yard, we had a bunch of balloons and side walk chalk marking the way the party.
  • The party area was filled with balloons and crepe paper streamers to match the colors of the plates and napkins.
  • For music, we played popular Radio Disney songs.

  • Arrival Activities and Ice Breakers

  • Beauty stations - A “dressing room” complete with glittery hair spray, nail polish, body jewels, eyeshadow and body glitter.
  • Decorate a fun fashion item, such as a picture frame or foam purse with foam stickers.

  • Fashion Doll Party Kid Party Games

    Since our fashion doll party was a Polly Pocket party, we used "Polly" in these games listed below. Substitute the name of your favorite fashion doll - Barbies, Bratz, etc.

    Limbo - We used a boa instead of a limbo stick

    Simon Says - Except at our party it was "Polly Says" instead of Simon.

    Parachute - always a hit! We bounced bean bags on our colorful parachute toy.

    Monster Monster Game - OK, this has nothing to do with Fashion, but we love it so. Just have to play it at every party.

    Pinata - Stuffed it full of candy and rings, bracelets, ring pops, candy necklaces...

    Pin the Clothes on Polly - we made our own drawing of Polly, and the I cut out clothes for her. Everyone had something different - a pair of pants, a shoe, a purse, etc.

    Balloon Game - Again, nothing to do with fashion, but the kids love it.

    Bean bag toss - We tossed bean bags into a large shopping bag. I stuck a cardboard box inside to help the side stand up and out.

    Duck Duck Goose - We said "Polly", "Polly", "Pocket" on this one.

    Hullaballoo - Yes, the classic game. The kids had a great time with this one!

    Musical Dress Up - We did have boys at our party, so I included items that they wouldn't mind wearing - hats, sunglasses, etc. They loved it too!

    Freeze Dance - Always fun!

    More ideas for kids party games for your fashion doll party

    Fashion Birthday Cake Ideas

  • Our cake was a multilayer cake that looked like a wedding cake, but with a Doll cake on the top, featuring our favorite doll.
  • You could also do a Rock Star Cake
  • And the ultimate fashion party cake? A purse cake!

  • Fashion Party Favor Ideas

  • Lip gloss rings
  • Marabou slap bracelets
  • Fruit snacks (featuring your favorite character!)
  • Ring pops
  • Boas

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