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Have you ever been to an adult slumber party?

Girls just want to have matter how old they are!

Why have a slumber party?

Sometimes a party might take the form of a girl's retreat to a spa or workshop center.

Some friends have "scrapbooking weekends" where they gather together at a friends house, lake cabin, or hotel. Time to get away from all the distractions and spend time doing something they love.

I have other friends who take summer trips together with just the girlfriends - sometimes even with the kids (but minus the men!)

Personally, I've been able to go on girl weekend trips with a group of some of my favorite friends to destinations like Mexico and the Gulf. It is a great time to reconnect.

A bachelorette night is another great time.

What to do at the slumber party

You can always have an old-fashioned sleepover party at home. Enjoy doing the things you used to do...makeovers, spa treatments and movies. That includes playing some of the great slumber party games that you played as a kid.

You can have someone, such as a beauty consultant for a "home party" service like Mary Kay, Beauticontrol, etc. come and give a presentation and spa treatments. They'd be happy to do it because they know they'll be getting orders that night for their great products.

You can also hire a manicurist to come and give everyone a little attention.

Check out these spa party ideas for inspiration!

Bachelorette party? Include Bachelorette party games.

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