An Elegant Champagne Tasting

I once had an opportunity to attend a tasting for champagne.


Talk about an elegant idea!

It would be a great party idea for a wedding shower or anytime you wanted to do things up extra nice.

At this particular tasting, we tasted 4 or 5 different champagnes - getting a taste of each. For food, we served were chocolates. I don't think tasting parties get much better that that!

Another great option would be cake - there is nothing like champagne and cake as a delicious combination!

When else could you use this idea? Perhaps for a New Years Eve Party...or a Valentine's Day Party.

You could easily turn this into a champagne tasting fundraising party by getting bottles of champagne donated and charging an admission fee.



Party Activities:

Did you know that there are Printable Champagne Facts Trivia Games available?

You could also adapt any of wine tasting party ideas to this concept! Some favorites include:

  • Price Point Tasting - Serve champagnes within a certain price point.
  • Blind Tasting Contest - Serve the champagnes, but cover the labels. Have everyone vote during the night for their favorite.

A fun thing to do for your guests would be to have decorate champagne glasses that they could use at the tasting and then take home as a party favor. Provide ribbons and bows, beads and wire, and or let them create their own "wine charms" for the stems of their glasses.

An idea for a party favor is to give champagne candles, or champagne jellies. It may sound like something you haven't heard of before, but I was once given a set of champagne jelly and it was delicious!! Books for collecting champagne bottle labels are a good and memorable option as well.

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