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Now I've been to (and thrown!!) all sorts of tasting parties.

Wine tastings, vodka tastings, martini tastings, even chocolate tastings!

But have you heard about the newest rage?

Tequila tastings!

Tequila tastings have been offered for several years at finer Mexican restaurants, but in the past few years the idea of a tequila lounge at fine restaurants and bars has been growing.

These lounges serve really nice tequila, and not only offer it for sipping and enjoying, but in a variety of cocktails.

You can do this same idea at home! Simply offer a selection of fine tequilas, or you can do a mystery tasting, with everyone sampling one, two or more, and voting on their favorite as a straight up drink, in a margarita, or in another cocktail of your choice.

Lots of food to nibble on (as well as a ride home if anyone needs it - #1 is to stay safe!) complete the party!

You may even want to include this idea with your next Margaritaville party or Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Tell us all about your tequila tasting party or other fun party!

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