Music Star Party

Celebrate your favorite rock stars with a Music Party, one of those great, classic teen party ideas.

This party works as a co-ed party or as a slumber party.

Afterall, everyone...young to old...loves music and the rock stars associated with it!

Easy Rock Star Party Invitations

  • Make your invitation look like a Backstage Pass
  • Make your invitation look like a ticket
  • Create really personal invitations that are collages of your favorite music celebrities

  • Music Party Decorations

    Hang CD’s from the ceiling

  • Hang metallic stars on the walls
  • Hang cut outs of musical notes and guitars on the walls, maybe a few stars too...
  • Hang a metallic fringe curtain at your front door for your guests to walk thru

  • Top Party Activities

  • Have everyone come dressed as their favorite rock star and award a prize for the best costume
  • Have a on a red carpet to walk on, like at the award shows
  • If this is a sleepover, pick some concert DVDs of your favorite music stars, and add some slumber party games to your music star party

  • Music Party Games

  • Take turns doing Karaoke, sing along with the music or lip sync – take turns seeing who can be the best, then let everyone have a second turn and see who can be the worst! 
  • Play a game from your youth - Musical Chairs!
  • Freeze Dance

    Read lyrics to different songs slowly, in a monotone voice. See if anyone can guess the song.

    Change lyrics - sing one song’s lyrics to another song – funny!

    Divide into teams and make up new lyrics to a favorite song

    Make a music video

    Have a Scavenger hunt in a music magazine
  • Use those music magazines and play a Truth is Stranger than Fiction Game about music celebrities

  • Cool Rock Star Party Cake Ideas

    Serve a rock star star-shaped cake!

    Guitar Cakes

    Music Note Cakes

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