Horse Cake Ideas

I love this cake with horses because it works for so many party themes!

Try it for these parties...

  • Horse Lover's Party 
  • Cowboy Party
  • Adult Western Party or Teen Western Party
  • Ranch Party
  • Black Beauty Party
  • Felicity (American Girl) Party ...
  • and I'm sure many more, but those are some ideas to get you started.
  • Basically any theme involving a horse or horses would work with this cake!
  • And what is even better?
  • It is easy to decorate! Always a great birthday cake idea!
  • Look for horse figurines in the colors of your choice at your local $1 store or toy store. You can also find horses, fences and trees at a bakery supply store (or perhaps you have some things in your toy box already!)
  • If serving at a kid party, plan to have a bunch of little horses on hand. Every child there will be sure to want one (these would make great party favors!)
  • If using this cake for a horse lover's theme, serve on horse related party goods.
  • ~Cake Submitted by Shannon

  • Easy Cakes with Cake Pans

    For another horse birthday cake idea, try a horseshoe cake pan.

    There are cute horse and pony cake pans, such as this one...


    If your theme isn't just horses, but western, consider a Cowgirl (or Cowboy) Cake. 

    My Little Pony Party Cakes

    Speaking of horses, kids love ponies. This is a cute pony cake for a My Little Pony Party!

    ~Shared by Lisa M.

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