Play Bingo!

I recently attended a charity fundraiser event that was a bingo night.  It was a lot of fun, and would be a fun night for any party, whether you are planning support a charity, celebrate a birthday, or just have fun!

Bingo nights are popular because they are easy to put together, people of all ages can participate, and they are fun! It is a classic game, that most people know how to play already.

You can search online for bingo cards, but you can also easily make your own. For example, if you were planning a bridal shower party, you could play bridal bingo. You could...

Create bingo cards for each player, with the spaces including things the bride might receive at the shower, and the word BRIDE across the top (instead of bingo). When it is time to open presents, give the guests a bingo card and a pencil. As the bride opens presents, they can mark off the items she receives that are listed on their card.

Have a small prize for the person who gets a line in any direction marked off their card. Prizes can be purchased ahead of time, or you can ask everyone to chip in a few dollars for a prize pot. 

It is easy to come up with themes based on the time of year...for fun ideas visit these bunco night themes.

If you are setting up your game for charity, be sure to look into whether you must have a license where you live.

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