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A Candy Theme Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party is a very sweet idea for a sweet sixteen!

Everyone loves candy, right? This theme is an easy one to plan and get excited about.

Candy in general makes a great theme for teen parties.

Everything is here - a color scheme, decorations, party games, and an easy party favor.

There are even some great songs about candy that you could play (or compile on a CD) such as "The Candy Man" (Sammy Davis Jr.), "Sugar, Sugar" (The Archies), "Candy" (Cameo), "I Want Candy" (Aaron Carter) and "Candy Man" (Christina Aguilera), to name a few.

These decoration and favor ideas could also be used to get you started for a Candyland Party or Willy Wonka Party as well!

Candy Theme Party Decorations

It is easy to make your own homemade party decorations with this theme for a sixteenth birthday party. Here are some ideas:

  • Pastel colored tables clothes and balloons
  • For party tables or a centerpiece, use small flower vases with peppermints, butterscotch candies, or other small candy items. Instead of flowers in the vases, use large lollipops.
  • Make lollipop decorations by using large circular pieces of styrofoam wrapped in pastel cellophane with a wooden dowl for the stick.

  • Candy Theme Teenage Birthday Party Games

  • You'll need teenage party games for a for a candy theme sweet sixteen. Here are some first class games to play:
  • Play a Chocolate Mystery Tasting Game...unwrap different chocolate bars, slice, and have a "tasting". See who can guess what each type of candy is, or...
  • Have a Chocolate Tasting - tasting different types of chocolate: milk, dark, white, etc. There are lots of different types of dark chocolate available, some stronger than others.
  • Play the M&M Hunt Game

  • Have a treasure hunt, searching for a treasure chest full of...candy (what else)?
  • A game that has been submitted by several of our site visitors is called the "chocolate game." How to play the Chocolate Game.
  • Have a pie eating contest (chocolate pies).
  • Build it! Use a tool like the book: Candy Construction: How to Build Race Cars, Castles, and Other Cool Stuff out of Store-Bought Candy

  • Candy Theme Teenage Slumber Parties

  • Consider this candy theme for a fun 16th birthday slumber party.You can use the games listed above, but if your candy sweet sixteen celebrations include a teenage sleepover, you can also do some of these fun teenage slumber party activities:
  • Remember this one? Dig it out! Play Candyland
  • Watch the old-school Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory, or...

    Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Widescreen Edition)

    Play some of our fun slumber party games.

    Candy Theme Party Favors

  • Bags of personalized M&M’s
  • Candy with personalized wrappers
  • Fun Party Favors, just for the girls, are Candy necklaces, bracelets, ring pops and candy lipsticks

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