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Jungle Sleepover

Watch movies such as Tarzan, Jumanji, or the Jungle book. Have each person choose an animal to be and paint their faces like that animal. Make a jungle

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Blind man's bluff

For this game,you'll need at least five people,a large open space, and a blindfold. It's a perfect game for kids aged 6-9. To play, choose one player to

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Parties are fun when everyone mingles. Party questions to pick on the way in is helpful. Also, having a name of a famous person or another person in the

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Night Under the Stars Party Ideas

You can hang plastic stars from a doorway by tying strong, thin yarn or thread around them and hanging them. You can also hang star garland for another

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Telephone Pictionary

1. Give each person a pen/pencil, and a stack of papers that has the same number of pages as there are people playing. 2. To start the game, have everyone

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"Turning Old"

You can use this idea for just about any age, but I used it when my friend turned 50! It seemed monumental to her, so I went about town (we lived in a

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Leap Year Bunco

One year I had Bunco during a leap year February. We had Frog Visors, and other frog party favors. Labeled foods with Leap in the title. And since we

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Scavenger Bingo

Make a list of items from around the house, neighborhood, or my favorite, a list of businesses in town. Drive them around and using your homemade bingo

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Slumber Party Question

I am 9 years old and I am having a sleepover next weekend and I was wondering if you could give me some ideas for it and I have a really small room and

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Get a bottle cap (preferably a water bottle cap) and have someone throw it in the water while the other people look away. When the person throws it, the

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