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With this game you’ll truly find that truth really can be stranger than fiction! We all read the covers of those tabloids when standing in line in the supermarket, don't we? You just can't help it! You are standing there in line...waiting...and those headlines. Just too unbelievable.

Take some of those real life headlines, make up some crazy ones of your own, and your party guests will be wondering...which ones of those tabloid headlines are real?


You’ll need:

  • Supermarket Tabloids
  • one index card per guest


    Read the tabloids and pick out the best (in other words…craziest) stories.

    On one-half of the index cards write a crazy headline that you have found in the tabloids.

    Write a different headline on each card.

    On the other one-half of the index cards, make up headlines and write them on the cards.

    Again - a different headline for each card.

    Indicate on each card if the headline is true (from the tabloids) or false (you made it up).


    To Play:

    Divide your guests into two teams.

    Have Team #1 read a headline out loud.

    Let the other team decide if it is true or false.

    If they guess correctly the team gets one point. (Have someone keep score.)

    Next it is Team #2’s turn.

    Continue playing in this way until each headline has been used.

    The winning team is the one with the most points.

    What are your favorite "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" headlines?

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