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Arranging a treasure type hunt requires some pre-planning, but the results are always so worth it!

You’ll want to divide your guests into teams. Find a way to do this division – drawing a number, counting off, or something that will mix up the crowd!

Before the party, prepare a set of clues that ultimately lead to a prize. Each clue can be a riddle, poem, or problem to solve.

You’ll want to tailor the clues to the age of your guests. For 5 year olds have clues that are pictures of what they need to find or where they need to go. Older children ideas could involve puzzles, rhymes, etc. And of course for teens or adults clues could include math problems, riddles or whatever you can dream up!

Consider calling one team the blue team, another the red team, etc. Then make their clues all the color of the team. So the blue team would have blue envelopes/clues and the red team would have red envelopes/clues.

You also might want to mix up the clues so that different teams follow clues in a different order (can help prevent a bottle-neck at a clue site).

If you don't want to plan your own hunt, shop the Treasure Adventure 
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Example Clues

Here are some example treasure hunt clues from a real backyard birthday pool party:

  • 1st Clue: Feed the Birds (they went to the Bird Feeder - here there was clue #2)
  • 2nd Clue: Go to the Upside Down Plant (it was a hanging fern)
  • 3rd Clue: Light the Night (it was a lantern)
  • 4th Clue: Bottom of the pool (it was a hot tub - clues were at the bottom, held down with fishing weights)
  • 5th Clue: Yellow Umbrella (drink umbrellas)
  • 6th Clue: Find the Birthday Girl's Dad (he had the final prize)
  • The Perfect Treasure?

  • What would make the perfect treasure?
  • How about the birthday cake?
  • Add a treasure chest cake to your party!
  • Or...
  • How about a pinata? It would be easy to make your own pinata to look like a treasure chest.
  • Use your imagination and make it something that is fun for everyone to share!

  • Let's Connect!

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  • Have you planned a great hunt? Tell us about it!