A Stroke of Fun!

A few years ago an ice breaker party kit called "Stroke of Fun" was sent to me to try and review. I was so glad!

The idea was easy! Set it out, then let your guests pick up a paintbrush and contribute their own special touches to a masterpiece that develops over the course of the party.

Here are some reasons why you might want to try this at your party...

Instant Party Ice Breaker

For one thing, I get requests all the time for great party ice breaker activities. This is it! Set it up, and it will draw a crowd of curious people at your party. Before you know it, everyone is wanting a turn.

What is an ice breaker?

It is any activity that gets your guests mixing and mingling, talking with each other and meeting new people. A good activity gives people who don't know each other something to talk about it.

Here is a photo of this fun party idea in action...

Becomes a Gift

If you are using this icebreaker for your party, it also becomes a gift.

If you are having a birthday party, it becomes a great birthday gift at the end of the night. It would be great for any adult party or teen party.

I understand that it is a popular idea for graduation parties, so it isn't limited to birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Use it anytime you'd like a memento of your event.

Everything You Need

The kit came in an attractive box, and I must admit, if I saw it on the shelf at the store I'd pick it up and take a closer look.

The box contained everything you needed, and as a matter of fact the box even converted to a tabletop easel!

Also included was a drop cloth, pencil and some stencils. (I recommend doing the stencil in your chosen design before the party, so it will be ready to paint.)

The kit came with a paint set in basic colors, brushes, a water cup and even a practice card.

There is also a "signature card", where everyone who contributed to the painting could sign their name, write a special message, etc.

Ready to try it at your next party?

As I said, a Stroke of Fun kit was sent to me to try out. I had a few people over and we did have a great time!

Sadly it doesn't appear that this product is available anymore. They do have a facebook page still up, and you can try to contact them to see if any inventory remains. However you can recreate your own using these ideas on this page to create your own fun icebreaker party game!


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