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A pull string pinata is the perfect solution to having a pinata indoors.

It is also a really great option for a party with small kids, when they might not be strong enough to break open the pinata.

I'll never forget the year I planned this awesome circus party for my backyard.

Then it rained.

It rained A LOT.

So the party was inside our den instead. I was able to convert the games to indoor games except for the pinata.

I had seen pinatas where you pull strings rather than hit with a pinata stick at the party store, but the pinata I had bought wasn't that kind.

This is how I converted our regular pinata into a pull string version:

Use a sharp knife to cut a small flap along the bottom. One suggestion found elsewhere is a 3"x3"x3" flap. (I didn't measure, but just cut something in this approximate size)

Make sure that the contents of the pinata are not so heavy that they will fall out the flap before someone pulls the string! If so, use a small piece of tape to help secure it in place.

Attach one ribbon to the end of the flap, so when you pull the ribbon the flap will open. I used very strong tape to attach mine. You don't want the child to pull on the string and it to break away without opening the flap. You can also attach the ribbon by placing a small hole in the flap and threading the ribbon thru the hole. 

Next use tape to attach more ribbons to the bottom of the pinata. These ribbons should not be attached to the flap. Use more ribbons that there are children so there are choices.

Too much tape on the bottom? Cover the bottom with fringed crepe paper, which is what I use to decorate pinatas whenever I make them. Read about how to make fringe and your own pinata 

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