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Planning for office Christmas party games can be tricky.

No two groups of office employees are the same, but you want something that will be fun and that everyone will participate in.

The easist idea for Office Christmas Party Games!!!

The absolute simplest idea is to purchase printableChristmas Office Party Games.

These are affordable and you get them in an instant - just print on your own printer.

There is a lot of variety to the different games, so there should be a choice that will work for your group. 

Other popular office party game ideas include...

Childhood Christmas Photo Game

Before the party, have everyone submit a photo of themselves as a child at Christmas.

Number all the photos and post them in an area where everyone can view.

Partygoers can guess who is the child in photo #1, photo #2, etc.

This works great for office Christmas party games. 


Divide into teams and set up some fun challenges (like on minute to win it).

Ideas for challenges.

Christmas Office Party Game

Before the party secretly remove a personal object from each person’s desk.

Number all the items and lay them out in an area where everyone can view.

Partygoers can guess who is the owner of item #1, item #2, etc.

Off Limits Game

Play the off-limits party game but use common Christmas words such as ornaments, decorating, gifts, shopping, Santa, and Christmas!

Unwrap the Gift

Sometimes used at a birthday party, you can also have fun with this as a Christmas party game idea.

You’ll need a gift that has been wrapped in multiple boxes and multiple layers of gift wrap.

Sit in a circle around a gift, with the first player holding the gift.

On “Go” the first player has 10 seconds to try to open the gift as much as he can.

When 10 seconds is up, the gift passes to the next person for a turn.

After another 10 seconds the gift is passed to the next person.

The winner is the lucky person who ultimately gets to the gift inside.

This one can get a little frantic and fun!

Who Am I?

Take turns figuring out what Christmas character you are in the Who Am I? Game.

Christmas party game rules are the same as any other party, just use seasonal characters.

Christmas Murder

Put on a Christmas themed murder mystery, with everyone having a part to play!

Do you have a great easy party idea or game?

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