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I'm not even a Marine, but seeing this cake celebrating the Marines has me feeling very patriotic.

Photo by / CC BY 2.0

This cake was used at a Marine Corp Birthday Party.

But it could also celebrate any Marine, such as a homecoming, discharge, or even entry into the service.

You could also use the red white and blue ideas from this cake for a cute patriotic cake, Fourth of July cake, Memorial Day cake, or Veterans Day cake.

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Patriotic Decorations

Get out the red, white and blue, and let's celebrate what is great about the USA. Here are a few favorite and easy ways to add some red, white & blue to your party:

  • Purchase inexpensive white, red and blue fabric and use to drape like bunting
  • Get out your Christmas lights in red, white and blue
  •  Small American flags, grouped together, have a big impact.

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