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These ice breakers are great adult party game ideas, and can be used as adult birthday party games, in home show party games for home party games, showers, or any event where those people attending might not know each other well (if at all!).

What are ice breaker party games? Any game to "break the ice" and get people talking to each other.

Do you have any great ice breaker games to add to our list?

List of Fun Ice Breaker Games

Balloon Game - Have a supply of balloons and let each guest pick one. Then tell them all that the first person to blow it up, tie it, and then pop it by sitting on it wins a prize! Gets everyone up and laughing really quickly! (Especially if it has a great prize!)

Conversation Game - Use our list of conversation starters to get people talking quickly.

Dice Game - Have some inexpensive wrapped gifts and let each guest take turns rolling dice. You don’t need to have one for each guest, just a few…that way people will fight over them! Whenever someone rolls a double, they get to pick a gift or steal one from someone else. Set a timer for this game, otherwise it could go on forever! Any gifts not opened while playing this as one of your ice breaker games when the timer goes off can be given as door prizes.

Dollar Game – A great one to fall in the mixer or icebreaker adult party game idea category – Secretly give a few people at the party three (or more) $1 bills. Then announce that some unknown people have $1 bills, and they will only give it to the 5th, 10th and 15th person, etc. who shake their hands. Since no one knows who has the $1 bills, everyone goes around shaking everyone’s hands to try to get the money!!

Fast Charades - We wanted to include this in the ice breaker games section because it is a much easier (and faster) version or the old charades game, Fast Charades is guaranteed to get your party going! This game uses a single word, rather than a phrase or title.

Human Bingo - Human bingo is a great icebreaker game and something to get everyone mixing and mingling at your party. Create bingo cards and in each square have things that people might have done, such as a trip to Paris, being a high school cheerleader, having a pet bird, etc. Whatever you can think of that is possible for someone to have done, but not everyone. Distribute cards, and then have everyone go around the room and try to find people who match the things on their card. If you find a match, write that person's name in the square. The first person who has a row completed (or has a black out if you have a lot of people at the party) yells bingo! Have a fun prize planned!

The Match Game - This is a great ice-breaker game that will get your guests mixing and mingling! In the match game guests will have to find their famous match.

Song Game - Before the party write out four sections or lyrics or parts to a song, with one part each written on a note card. Do this with different songs so that you have enough for one card for each guest. When the guests arrive, give each one a card. It is their job to find the other 3 people with lyrics to their song so they can get together as a group and sing their song lyrics before another group can sing theirs.

Steal A Sticker - In the Steal A Sticker Game, guests mingle to try to steal stickers off of each other.

Stroke of Fun - Stroke of Fun is a fun party ice breaker that becomes a gift!

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