Football Cake

Go T-E-A-M!

A football theme cake would go great at a birthday party for a sports fan, a football party, or a football watching party such as a Super Bowl party, or any sports party.

One of the most popular sports cake ideas includes making a regular rectangular sheet cake and turning it into a football field. You could even put football player figurines on the field.

Now, in some parts of the world, the game we call soccer is called football. If you are looking for a soccer cake, we can help you with ideas for that too!

Football Cupcake Cakes

These football cupcakes are cute too! Easy to serve at a party.

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Fun Cake Pan Designs

When creating a football theme cake, the easiest thing might be to use a football pan.
Here are some examples... A football pan, where the cake actually looks like a 3D football:

Wilton also makes a cute helmet cake pan like this one:

Why, there are even cake pans made to look like an entire football stadium!

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