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If you’re looking for elderly adult games for a party, try some of these!


…if you are planning a birthday party, visit our page devoted to senior birthdays!

You’ll find these same game ideas, along with ideas for gifts and special party planning hints.

  • Have a sing-along! Try singing good old-fashioned songs that everyone will know. Have sheets with the lyrics printed for younger guests. Hymns and songs such as “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, “The Animal Fair”, “The Band Played On” and other similar songs will be fun for everyone to sing!
  • Show a movie or classic TV show. Pick something that is funny or really entertaining (and a favorite depending on the ages of the senior citizens present). How about Red Skelton, Danny Kaye, Abbott and Costello, etc.? I personally love Bing Crosby, Kathryn Hepburn and Cary Grant. And of course Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire films appeal to all ages. Or how about some episodes of “I Love Lucy”?
  • Bingo! For the elderly, consider having cards that have large print and markers that are easy to manipulate. If you are planning birthday party games for Elderly Adults, consider making the squares be something to relate to the senior citizen (rather than numbers).
  • Try some printable games for your next birthday party (see link below fo our reviews.) 
  • Create your own “Game Show” version of Jeopardy, using trivia from the decades, or play Trivia Games (especially those that can be played orally). Our decade timeline may give you some ideas.

  • Games such as Checkers, Chess, Bridge, and Dominoes are enjoyed by all ages!
  • Have anything to our list of senior citizen party games and seniors activities? Please contact us and we’ll add it!

  • If you are looking for a great source for program ideas and support For Activities Directors of independent living retirement communities, please visit Recharging Retirees.

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