The Dictionary Game

The Dictionary Guessing Game is fun because it takes no advance preparation and is always a new game whenever you play it.


You’ll need:

  • Dictionary
  • A pad of paper & pencil for each guest

    To Play:

    The leader of the game will select an odd, unusual word from the dictionary. The goal is to select a word that no one has ever heard of before, and that the meaning would be really hard to guess.

    Each guest writes down the word and then writes down a fake definition for it, puts their name on the piece of paper and passes it to the leader. Meanwhile, the leader writes down the word and the correct definition on a piece of paper.

    Next, the leader reads all the definitions out loud (the fakes ones and the real one).

    Have the guests vote on which one they think is the real definition.

    Players get one point for every definition that they guess correctly. If no one guesses correctly, the leader gets a point.

    Play until each person has had a chance to be the leader.

    After everyone has had a turn, the person who has scored the most points wins!

    It isn't necessary to award a prize, but if you wish to give one, a small pocket dictionary might be fun. Actually, the person who needs this the most is probably the person who has the least points!

    This game works great for a dinner party or other small, quiet gatherings of friends and small adult parties. We have played this game with groups of 8 - 10 people and it has worked out really well and been a lot of fun! 


    Do you have any great adult party games? If so, please tell us!

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