Detective Party

I have long been a fan of the mystery.

From my early years, when I devoured every Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy mystery I could find, to today, when I still love to read, what (and play!) detective.

My favorite detective movies are the old Thin Man Movies. Not exactly appropriate for little kids - but I love them! Tracking down "who done it" with humor and 1930's splendor...they are great fun!

Whether you are planning a detective theme party or mystery party, the theme will involve a mystery or scavenger hunt of some kind.

Having a slumber party?

A mystery can also lend itself well as slumber party games, with a mystery or hunt developing throughout the evening.

Fun Detective Birthday Party Ideas

  • Have everyone take their fingerprints, or do other "detective training" exercises.
  • Have a grab bag of disguise materials and let everyone create their own disguise. You could even play musical dress up as a fun way to create a disguise.
  • If you are having just a few party guests, you could play some fun board games. Probably the best known is the famous Clue Game.
  • At a slumber party, watch the Nancy Drew Movie. No one solves mysteries better than Nancy Drew!
  • For older guests, play one of the mystery party game plans from the SimpliFun Studios website! They have scavenger hunts for kids as young as 5 and mystery parties planned out for kids for ages 9 and up.

  • Creating your own Case to Solve

    If you'd like to create your own mystery, with a little planning it can be done.

    Read all about the mystery detective party I recently created.

    It was a lot of fun, as a matter of fact, it was one of the favorite parties I've ever planned.

    As mentioned above, you can go on a hunt. Here are some tips and links for how to plan a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt.

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