A great party - sometimes referred to as a "destination party" is the type of party that involves going someplace for your party activities, rather than having your party at home.

What is the allure of a party away from home? Some people like it because they don't have to use their home for a party. Others like the convenience of having a party planner take care of all the details, leaving them free to enjoy the party themselves.

Especially for kids parties, birthday parties at family entertainment centers can account for a good chunk of their revenue, so they have the party system down pat.

If you have a favorite spot where you like to go, check and see if they offer a birthday party package deal. Often priced at a flat fee, packages can include decorations, cake, servers, someone to be in charge of your party and invitations. Themed goody bags can often be provided as well for an additional fee.

Party venues can be as varied and only limited by your imagination (and by how much  money you want to spend.)

BUT you can have a party at a different spot, and one that is free!

Instead, for a party, how about a park or the beach?

Weigh all your options, then decide what will fit your personal style, time and party budget best.

Because going someplace for your party is a particular favorite with teens, we've listed the top teen party ideas for destination parties...

(in no particular order)...

Bowling Party
  • Amusement Park

  • Beach or Lake

  • Bowling

  • Hay, Carriage or Sleigh Rides

  • Movies

  • Miniature Golf

  • Salon, Spa or Makeover Center

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Sporting Event

  • Skating

  • Home Party vs. Away Party

    When trying to decide whether or not to have a party away from home (versus having a party at home), look into following factors:

  • Number of guests attending
  • Distance
  • Cost
  • What the destination provides
  • If it is something that you want to do!
  • Can you incorporate a theme, if you wish to?

  • Tell us about your great teen party idea!

    Do you have a great party idea? Share it!

  • Some great "away from home" party ideas submitted by our readers are:
  • Hotel Slumber Party
  • Hotel Slumber Party and Ice Skating

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