Every list of classic adult party games includes charades. It is popular to add to adult birthday party games and is gaining popularity in the world of teen party game ideas. This is a game that is always fun to play with a small or medium sized crowd.

You'll need:

  • Slips of paper and pencils
  • Timer

    To Play: Have each person write down a movie, book or song title on a piece of paper. Divide your guests into two teams. One person from the first team will draw a piece of paper and act out what it says so that his or her team will guess what it is. When the team guesses, it will be the next team's turn. Keep track of how much time each team spends on their turn. The team with the lowest total amount of time used wins. The game is over after each person has had a turn to draw a slip of paper and act out their item.


    Helpful Hints:

  • Before you play, review with everyone the gestures for movie, book, song, "sounds like", number of words and number of syllables. They are:
  • Title: Make quotation marks in the air with your fingers
    Number of words: Hold up fingers to show the number of words
    Little word: Hold up your thumb and index finger in pinching motion as if you were holding something very small
    Song: Act out the motions of singing
    Book: Hold your hands in front of you, palms together, and open them as if they were a book
    Movie: Pretend to crank a movie camera while you look thru the lens
    TV: Draw a square in the air

  • Looking for an easier or faster version? Try a game of Fast Charades.
  • To play as an adult birthday party game, use words, phrases, places, etc. that mean something to the birthday guy/girl.
  • Do you have any great adult party game ideas? If so, tell us!

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