Bowling Birthday Party

A Bowling Birthday Party is a great destination party (and makes a great party, even if it isn't your birthday!!

Obviously, a bowling party takes part at a bowling alley. Contact your local bowling alleys for the best prices, and get their input about what times would be best (so they alley won't be at it's busiest). Some bowling alleys even provide a party room or party area just for cake!

Try these fun bowling games for a twist.

Try these fun ideas...have everyone take turns:

  • bowling backwards
  • bowling in slow motion
  • bowling like a robot
  • bowling with a silly walk...etc.Don't worry about how many points every gets. The idea is to have fun!

  • Let's make that birthday party special!

    For an extra fun touch, you can have t-shirts or bowling shirts made up for everyone at the party.

    Have you heard about bowling? That can be a lot of fun!! The bowling center turns down the lights and everything glows.

    Some bowling alleys also have game rooms available that you can take advantage of as well.

    Planning to serve cake? Make an easy bowling alley cake by baking a rectangular cake, coloring the center portion lengthways a different color, and set up these bowling pin and bowling ball candles.

    Of course, you can make it even better with bowling birthday party supplies!

    Who knows? Maybe you can even add a bowling pin pinata to your bowling party!

    If you decide to not do a destination party, you can always go "bowling" at home.

    In a driveway, garage or long room, set up empty 20 oz. soda bottles that have been filled with water as if they were bowling pins. Roll a soccer ball towards them and try to knock them over! Easy!

    Have you had a great bowling party? If so, tell us about it!

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