Cute Bear Cake Ideas

A great idea for a first birthday cake, for baby shower cake designs, or for any bear lover. A cake made to look like a teddy bear is a fun.

As you can see, the cake can be a 3D cake, a bear shape, or it can be a drawing, such as with a Care Bears Cake.

Ideas to incorporate a bear theme cake into a party, include making a ribbon around the bear's neck in the color(s) of your party.

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This cake was made by using a cake pan like this one:
If you are really creative, you could create your own bear-shaped cake without a pan, using round cakes layers and cupcakes in different sizes.

Bear 3-D Cakes 

Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

This cute cake was made with a 3D cake pan, like the one linked below...

Bear Jello Cakes

This cute bear gelatin or bear jello dessert was submitted by Lucy. Just make your gelatin and pour it into a silicone mold of a bear. Everyone loves jello!

Care Bears

Care Bears are such a cute toy, and there is a cake design page devoted to Care Bear Cakes.

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