Barbie Cake!

Ok, you see them often, but I guarantee you that every time you bring out one of these cute cakes with a Barbie in it, the girls go wild!! It is perfect for any Barbie Party.

Back when I was a little girl, doll cakes were decorated with the head and torso of a doll, but that was it. No legs inside that beautiful skirt.

Today, you'll often find a Barbie at the center of the cake. You can wrap her legs in plastic wrap if you wish, to make cleanup a little easier, and of course don't insert her until after the cake has cooled!

We've done this type of cake at our house, using a Polly Pocket doll. It was very cute, and very special!

~Shared by Lisa M.

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Here is another cute doll cake!

~Shared by Lisa M.

Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

This is an easy alternative cake to the idea of having the cake be a dress for the doll. Simply pose a Barbie on top of the cake! 

Cake Toppers

Another easy way to include Barbie on your cake is to use inexpensive Barbie Decopac Cake Toppers

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