Backwards Party Ideas
for Adult Parties

We spend so much of our time trying to get ahead…how about doing the reverse? Have a backward party!

This is a fun party for any age and makes for great adult birthday party ideas that are really fun.

Party Invitations

  • Write your invitations backwards, such as “Party Backwards To Invited You’re”
  • Make your invitations a mirror image, so guests will need to hold it up to a mirror to read it

  • Party Decorations

  • Hang balloons from the ceiling by their string
  • Hang a Welcome or Birthday Banner upside down
  • Tape balloons to the floor

  • Favorite Party Games and Activities

  • As guests arrive, wish them “goodbye”
  • As guests leave, tell them “hello”
  • Have a name tag prepared for each guest…with their name spelled backwards. Call them this name throughout the party.
  • Tell guests to wear their clothes to the party backwards, or inside out
  • Will you be dancing? Play Reverse Freeze Dance - when the music stops…dance. When the music plays…freeze!
  • Play the Truth is Stranger than Fiction Game.

  • Party Food Ideas

  • An upside down cake
  • A cake with the writing backwards
  • Make ice cream sundaes, but put the toppings on the bottom
  • If you are serving a meal, do something totally unexpected and opposite. You could serve dessert first, or do something very different such as covering your table with a disposable table cloth and serving speghetti on the table. Literally! Dump spaghetti and sauce in the middle of the table and have everyone just grab some, put in front of them and eat. No plates! Messy, but fun and perfect for when you are doing things backwards! They won't forget doing that at your house!

  • A Mismatched Party

    This is a fun idea that is similar to the backwards idea. Simply tell your guests to wear mismatched clothes. Wear your clothes backwards, wear different shoes on each foot, create a crazy hairstyle. Wear clothes that DO NOT go together. Announce that you'll be giving a good prize for the "Most Mismatched" to help get your guests motivated to go all out with their outfit.

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